What people said about rvleonard’s jam Chandelier

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5 years, 16 days ago


I love this song SO SO SO SO much!

5 years, 16 days ago


wow! this girl! and the song!

5 years, 16 days ago


Really good !

5 years, 15 days ago


Agree. Sia has done well with this recording. Good when an artist gets a winner to pay the bills. And Maddy Ziegler is just too energetic. Good Jam.

5 years, 15 days ago


WHO is the choreographer?!

5 years, 14 days ago


I read that she does her own choreography...highly evolved - both artists.

5 years, 13 days ago


What a great video, the girl is awesome.

5 years, 12 days ago


Better than I initially thought it was going to be - the intro has the feel of so many other modern mass-produced recordings, but it definitely improves and got me looking for more. Great jam

5 years, 9 days ago


Me too, @AlexAPhysician :) Thank you, @steties! I know, right? ;) @mnemosine, @Axol, @jessicahann It's always nice to see good music be successful, @itskerryc :) WOW! @pitchforkdisney, @eigenmotion Isn't it great when that happens? @BarneyRubble :)