The Sun Always Shines On Tv by a-ha

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but cavill was first  

had to spend Sunday morning on an ER room...side effects from my C medicine...feeling fine and everything OK... on my way there this was the first song that played on the radio... I have always loved the song and this is my second A-HA was a sunny day and the lyrics just felt close and sad but  strangely it gave me comfort...weird and beautiful how music works...   68

natyblooming 7 Oct 2013

Let's get on board the burgeoning #ABCsofMe bandwagon, then.

thomasoshea 26 Nov 2014

I fear the crazed and lonely looks the mirror's sending me these days. FINAL JAM.

CJJC 25 Sep 2015

A-Ha has more than one good song.

SweatermanMcGee 1 Jul 2015

"I reached inside myself and found nothing there/To ease the pressure of my ever worrying mind."

ncplewis 23 Oct 2014


echtburge 5 May 2015