Fuel To Fire by Agnes Obel

“Thunderstorm soundtrack”

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Thunderstorm soundtrack

dawsonsweek 9 Nov 2014

Brilliant...give it (at least) 30 seconds, you'll likely be glad you did!

situationjones 2 Mar 2015

I do have a fondness for the softer Scandinavian stuff like this - very pretty

suekeogh 22 Oct 2014

#9 Jamstars Top Tennish 2013 - is 'Aventine' by haunting Danish pop-waif - Agnes Obel. For a while, I thought this might actually win, such was it's popularity in the early votes. She plays London on 19th April. Beep.   20

jonnyneale5 8 Feb 2014

Great concert yesterday in Hamburg! #BestOf2013

RonObvious 13 Dec 2013

A track from Agnes Obel's wonderful "Aventine" album.   2

AndyWilkinson 25 Apr 2015