Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage? by Blawan


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Delightfully creepy techno. ‘Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?' by @Blawan is my new jam.

TheLittleChef 14 Sep 2014

We're starting things off with a bang(er). Shout out to @damagecult who posted this first! #yearinjam   6

TeamJamPicks 7 Dec 2012

Blawan has been one of the great things about this year for me. Also, #25 in TIMJ's The Year In Jam countdown.   1

plinythemidlkid 8 Dec 2012

Music to murder by   1

wifeyldn 30 Sep 2012

festive cheer

richardjohn 24 Dec 2014

This song is way appropriate this Halloween weekend. #makeitnew

plastic_girl 31 Oct 2014