Amsterdam by Daughter


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#7 in the Jamstars top tennish is the debut album from the much championed 'Daughter'. A band who 'For Folk’s Sake' described, apparently earnestly, as "one of the most unique sounds in the pop landscape today". After the embarrassing error of the previous jam, Jamstars will be pleased to learn that an internal process review has taken place (which may or may not have included giving myself a damn good talking to) and new procedural strictures have been put implemented. Which means, I can say with some confidence, that this song is, at the very least, from the correct album - 'If You Leave'. ;0) Hat tips and thanks to the usual reprobates and chancers -@thisismymistake @melissapulo @abigail.deeks @silvershroud @MyBlueElephant @fsohail and 'Queen of the Oxford Comma': @AlicejustMay   4

jonnyneale5 10 Feb 2014

I'm a flying kite in the breeze. Just restlessly seeking images a child needs to help them sleep. I've been thinking that I should see someone. Just to find out if I'm alright..

calydie 19 Jul 2013

one day...

derek_barnes 15 Jul 2014

An ambling track, driven by the pace of the strings and filled with the resonance of the intertwining tones. Melancholy, yes, but not stagnant.

rxblx 8 Mar 2015

With lungs miniature Good night with killing Our brain cells Is this called living Or something else

Cath 30 Mar 2014

Daughter - If You Leave. Wat een prachtig album zeg!

Stidjen 5 Jun 2013