Ship To Wreck by Florence + The Machine

rvleonard’s jam on 15 Apr ’15 and then once after that (See all)

#FlorenceandTheMachine's new single has me very excited for #HowBigHowBlueHowBeautiful :)”

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#FlorenceandTheMachine's new single has me very excited for #HowBigHowBlueHowBeautiful :)   1

rvleonard 15 Apr 2015

I love it. #FlorenceandtheMachine #HowBigHowBlueHowBeautiful   2

rvleonard 9 Jun 2015

This is my Jam is going to be archived in Septemeber, so until then I'm going to post one song every day. I'm gonna miss this website so much.

Misfit47 21 Aug 2015

Ik ben helemaal geen Florence + The Machine fan. Totaal niet eigenlijk. Maar ow wat klinkt dit lekker!   1

Kevinnnet 5 Aug 2015

It seems as if everybody's changing their style, most notably Mumford and Sons (and not the worse for it; they sound great!). Florence also goes a bit more 'poppy', but boy it's a corker! Already the album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, is a top10 2015 contender, even as it's still to be released ( 1 June).   12

dutchbeeblebrox 14 Apr 2015

So damn good.

ronbailey 8 Sep 2015