Sexotheque by La Roux

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#nowplaying "Sexotheque" by @larouxofficial. A surprisingly optimistic tune for a sensitive topic, but I'm enjoying the fun beats.   1

nomes 22 Sep 2014

It just leaked, but it's not on youtubes. It's been my jam for a while and I kept repeating the 1:30 clips on itunes, so it's strange hearing the whole thing!!

c0smicthing 12 Jul 2014

My favorite track from Trouble in Paradise.

harvey 13 Feb 2015

Cheesy pop that's somehow hitting the mark today.

Futurefabric 4 Aug 2014

At the beginning I didn't expect much from La Roux's new album, but THIS is a really good song #80'svibe

caroubate 26 Aug 2015

Gosh, how I've missed this place...   2

Niels_Footman 30 Jul 2014