Dreamer by Livin' Joy

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Classic dance track, this is where proper dance music started!

RussellB 18 Jan 2014

This was my JAAAAMMMM when I was, what, six? I made a friend 2 years above me in school named Melanie   2

Saaaaaaax 29 Oct 2012

Let's get this weekend started, shall we?

ncplewis 4 Apr 2014

great tune that`s not heard much now

mazscot 26 Nov 2014

1995...I was 19, Matthew was 22...we were living on Barracks Street in the French Quarter...this was a favorite club song...we danced until dawn nightly at the Bourbon Pub and Oz...we felt invincible...we were awesome. I miss you my love. "I close my eyes and I'm dreaming right where I belong."

kookykaryn 20 Dec 2013

How on earth this song is twenty years old I do not know. Still sounds just as fresh today - a true disco CLASSIC.

jamieedwardlee 19 Apr 2014