2008_1, Just Like Christmas by Low

plentyspace’s jam on 19 Dec ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Too early? Too perfect”

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Too early? Too perfect

plentyspace 26 Nov 2013

I like the lyrics in this song. A beautiful sentiment about what makes Christmas the holiday. Child like curiosity and abandon.   1

chadcurry 24 Dec 2014

Happy Christmas everyone!

fiachrafitzgib 25 Dec 2014

I don't usually go in for Holiday music, but Low's "Just Like Christmas" is my jam.

perfectmidnight 13 Dec 2012

Today marks the day i begin my Christmas entertainment bonanza. I will watch my first Christmas film tonight which as of now is Elf but may change, and today i will listen to as many of my favorite Christmas songs as i can, beginning right now with a gem and one of my personal favorites.   4

isajward919 8 Dec 2014

One week late, but this is amazing all year round.

jozborne 1 Jan 2015