What's Up People?! by Maximum The Hormone

“Just finished Death Note <3”

We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

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Just finished Death Note <3

RosyRong 4 May 2015

Here's a little special something for my fellow anime friends... It seems Christmas week has finally arrived. I hope you all have a blessed holiday. Enjoy your family & friends cause they're the greatest gift you'll get this year. Be safe & have a Merry Christmas.

DrMartin 22 Dec 2014

Just don't ask? I blame Death Note.

Dream3r 23 Aug 2013

\m/ \m/ (Death Note fans might enjoy this one.)

marcwithacee7 12 Apr 2015

Hey, hey, ningen fucker

EnderTheHater 19 Feb 2013

epic Japanlärm.

svenscholz 16 Mar 2012