What's Up People?! by Maximum The Hormone

“Just finished Death Note <3”

We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

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Just finished Death Note <3

RosyRong 4 May 2015

Here's a little special something for my fellow anime friends... It seems Christmas week has finally arrived. I hope you all have a blessed holiday. Enjoy your family & friends cause they're the greatest gift you'll get this year. Be safe & have a Merry Christmas.

DrMartin 22 Dec 2014

Um, how did this band not exist in my life before? Thank you to my dad, guru of all things metal and weird, for introducing me to my new favorite band.   2

princesslemons 21 Sep 2013

epic Japanlärm.

svenscholz 16 Mar 2012

Hey, hey, ningen fucker

EnderTheHater 19 Feb 2013

Just don't ask? I blame Death Note.

Dream3r 23 Aug 2013