Shut Up by Savages

“I just flippin' well love this!”

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I just flippin' well love this!   15

Bukowski 20 Jul 2015


abhean13 16 Feb 2015

Mike's Music Interview Archive: Ayse Hassan of Savages. .I remember this interview not going particularly well...she was a bit prickly and defensive, and my attempts to build at least a superficial rapport fell, it happens. Explaining one's art to dorky old dudes IS a drag...I don't mind. Savages are amazing anyway...   6

vomitsunami 25 Aug 2015

Jam number 4 of my favorite songs from my favorite albums of 2013 (in no particular order)! #bestof2013 #savages #silenceyourself   3

rvleonard 5 Dec 2013

Shut up from their Mercury Prize-nominated album "Silence Yourself". This is Savages, London post-punk quartet.   4

rainbowasi 28 Sep 2013

It's just so good

endform 9 Apr 2015