Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós

“I friggin' love this song.”

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I friggin' love this song.

nickycorrelje 22 Jun 2015

Goodbye, I'll miss you!   1

mistyminded 30 Aug 2015

Sigur Ros will be headlining the Saturday at End of the Road; this song is simply gorgeous:'3   2

MaxRocks 29 Jul 2013

Can this be me in 40 years?

jgurlvance 4 Sep 2015

Iceland is the new japan!

DavidAtkin 12 Jul 2015

Mike's Music Interview Archive: Georg Holm of Sigur Ros. I don't recall much about this one, just like I have a hard time remembering Sigur Ros song titles... http://triblive.com/aande/music/4659781-74/ros-sigur-music#axzz3kDxnPcvL   5

vomitsunami 29 Aug 2015