All Or Nothing by Small Faces

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but ems was first  

I love it because it means everything to me about a lover I loved.   2

nickerrs74 20 May 2013

Marriott said at the time "This is the first proper song we've done" even though it was their 5th single. He further said "I don't think there is anything we could have done at the time to improve this song, we made a great job of it". Totally.   26

DavidAnderson 12 Aug 2015

Going for a jam per day 'till TIMJ is no more. This one's been around in my head today. Nearly 50 years old! Ironically, I think I've just bought the same shirt as the drummer!

howayman 20 Sep 2015

One of my favourite songs by the Small Faces.

frankconnelly7 16 Feb 2015

Decca Netherlands, 1966

tedwilkinson 21 Jul 2015

Heard it so many times, yet every time it still gets me right ❤ there.

Babbetfitzsimon 1 Jun 2015