Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals

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1960's! <3 Used as a soundtrack in the movie 'Adventures of Babysitting'! Totally amazing!

tisFlux 1 Jul 2013

Talking about ear worms and hooks and copyrightable things the other day made me think of a few. Heard #thenhekissedme" in the dentist's office a couple weeks ago and it won't go away now, so might as well indulge. The elegant simplicity of this makes it my #1.

pippamiddleton 17 May 2015

A great song from one of my favourite films 😊

WillowCat 27 Jun 2015

got out of bead, this song in my head... "and then he kissed me"   5

solveigo 19 Aug 2012

"Each time I saw him I couldn't wait to see him again."

crisman 3 Mar 2012

I didn't know just what to do, and so I whispered, "I love you."   5

bbionic 5 Feb 2015