Pass This On by The Knife

joepmc’s jam on 18 Jun ’13 and then once after that (See all)


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joepmc 2 May 2014

I just found out The Knife are breaking up, sad... so I'm jamming the first video/song that got me into them in the first place.   4

zentopia7 22 Aug 2014

Thanks to @AlicejustMay for this one. Genius jam and video. Has been on constant rotation since last week.   13

ohheygreat 3 Mar 2013

I love The Knife. But not your brother :)

cainullah 20 May 2015

We all have particular songs that serve to act as a catalyst, serving to prove that time is truly elastic. Today, as I sit working in a cafe in Brussels, this track came on and I was reminded of the Brighton first year painting studios. This music was just weird enough but 'listenable-enough-to' for me to put it on the speakers in the studio for everyone to listen to as we painted. Linseed oil, paint, white spirit and The Knife: a wonderful combination.

edliddle 11 May 2015

The perfect single; steel drums, amazing video, gender-blurring, hot band member, unexpected storyboard twist. I'm all shook up.

MotherFist 20 May 2014