Reel Around the Fountain by The Smiths


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This year one of my dreams came true, Morrissey came to Bogota, great concert :P   4

natyblooming 28 Dec 2012

15minutes with you

Apples1974 19 Apr 2012

#9. Yes, it's the only Smiths song in the Top 10. No, it's not There is a Light... Still, this is just magical. The lyrics define the gap between disconnected images and linear narrative. Morrissey's howl at the end is heart-melting. Oh, beautiful.   5

lukeduggan2006 23 May 2013

In my opinion the best Smiths song, nothing more needs to be said.   3

madeofstone 23 May 2015

Countdown: De Duizelende Duizend (The Staggering Thousand) Number 629. [from album: The Smiths] [year: 1984]

RW104 11 Jan 2015

Fifteen minutes with yooouuu.. Oh I wouldn't say no..   2

MaxRocks 23 Nov 2012