Disco Inferno by The Trammps

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Yes, it's the party season get on down

carolelh 19 Dec 2014

Churn, baby churn! #ChurnForCharity #Watson27

weaselspoon 27 Feb 2015

#aweekofdisco New Jam ! burn baby burn   3

davidedspencer 29 Aug 2013

Funky Friday e'erbody! This tune kicks off a stretch of 70s R&B, Soul, Disco, etc. So, I dedicate this tune to @deepdisco! Although this tune isn't too deep as it appears on the soundtrack of the film, Saturday Night Fever. Hope some enjoy this tune. Take care all and peace out...   8

capnhollis 5 Jun 2015

It's one of those jams that make you move - can't help liking it.

chrisco 4 Aug 2014

Burn the mother down.   1

ThatWeissGuy 24 Apr 2015