Last January by The Twilight Sad

“Love this song (and album) so much.”

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Love this song (and album) so much.

McKelvie 7 Nov 2014

Something went a bit mad with This Is My Jam when I tried to post this earlier, better luck this time?   1

thesunneversets 29 Oct 2014

Just discovered this Scottish indie rock band and their melancholic songs, like this one. Hope you enjoy it.   2

katta 7 Nov 2014

"It's your eyes touching my eyes"

Radoshchi 24 Jan 2015

Their new album is released today. I wanted to post another off the album, but this was one of only two I could jam. Great song though. The whole album is available to listen to here:   7

melissapulo 27 Oct 2014

A top tune from one of the albums of the year...

Dimmers 9 Dec 2014