Bugatti by Tiga

IFTFOM’s jam on 20 Jul ’14 and then once after that (See all)

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"Girl comes up to me and says 'What you driving?' I said 'Bugatti.'"

Kid_Dada 12 Jan 2015

Outstanding.   1

aanand 22 Oct 2014

a recent favourite on family car trips, nothing like a bit of simple repetition and a chance to sing along and reinterpret what he might have said if he'd come from Midlothian ... ken.. eh !?

Paradykes 26 Feb 2015

Not exactly a Sunday track, but loving this video...   10

AlicejustMay 26 Oct 2014

bottoms up!

pixites 11 Nov 2014

This new(ish) album is real real good.

kenlowery 24 Sep 2015