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“Every dollar counts And every morning hurts We mostly work to live Until we live to work She said, ‘You know, There's nowhere else to go.’ But change in rows It struck me that the two of us could RUN.”

Erikmitk 12 Jan 2014

Slightly out of season, but especially got me jammin' today!! "With you is the only honest way to go"   2

spookydoowop 14 Jan 2014

Great song. Awesome horn riff in the chorus. A+ rhythmic work by CT and Baio. Just fantastic.

ftg915 31 Mar 2014

I love the playfulness this song has in telling it's story; it's almost kinetic, especially when the music breaks and Ezra croons "darling with you...".

colsondonohue 10 Feb 2014

A wonderful encapsulation of the joy in POP music.   5

Bukowski 14 Sep 2012

It struck me that the two of us could run.

bbionic 10 Jan 2014